H.S. 30 year old man:

Dear Eugenia.

I hope you are having a good start of your practice and are happy with the way things are working out.

Since we ended our therapy sessions (due to the change of the office location), I have gone to one CBT therapists who followed the manual for adult ADHDs. And I tried to see a psychodynamic therapist a few times to deal with my other issues. However, I am realizing that these therapists don't use the kind of methods you used for me like the "daily promise," "life story," "letter to myself," etc. These methods were highly effective for me and have helped me immensely. I would like to continue on the path you started and was wondering a) if you can tell me if your approach has a name, so I can look for a therapist who uses them or b) if you are taking patients.

The truth is that I have spent months looking for and trying therapists and have spent thousands of dollars (no joke) on sessions that do not seem to be as effective in dealing with my issues as yours were. So, I would be willing to take some commute on me if I could continue the therapy with you.

H.V. 33 year old woman:

I  came to Eugenia after seeing a few other doctors in the NY area who weren't quite the right fit. From the first appointment I felt comfortable with Eugenia, she was warm, kind, thoughtful, patient, and insightful throughout the couple years that I saw her. I came to her for help with generalized anxiety that at the time felt crippling and I left feeling lighter, happier, and equipped with a toolkit of resources to draw on whenever I felt anxiety coming on. I look back on that time as a period of big growth in my life thanks to her help and think back on our time together often and fondly. I highly recommend her practice to anyone.